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Asbestos Removal

Superior Abatement Services, Inc. works with hygienists, insurance adjusters and general contractors to quickly and efficiently clean up properties contaminated by asbestos.


Mold Remediation

When extensive amounts of mold exist within a building, properly trained professionals should always perform the removal. Even in cases of small scale mold infestations, specific cleaning processes should take place. Superior Abatement Services Inc. can remediate your mold problem, confirming the space is safe for inhabitation with a third-party mold clearance.



Guaranteeing quality control and environmental consciousness, all regulatory guidelines will be followed throughout the demolition process. Top tier equipment and certified technicians ensure demolition projects are handled in the correct manner.

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Hoarding Clean Up

Homes with excess clutter and hazards can create overwhelming emotional situations for residents and their families. During the clutter cleaning process special attention is given to ensure all parties feel involved and heard while returning the property to safe conditions.

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Lead Paint Removal

About 38 million homes, 40% of the nation’s housing, contain lead-based paint, making it a serious but invisible hazard. Rules apply to all renovations, including paint removal, demolition, window replacement, and HVAC ductwork repairs.


Contaminated Contents Inventories

In the instance personal items have been contaminated by asbestos during a property emergency, our certified technicians can clean salvageable items and provide a detailed inventory of everything affected. Ensuring home owners and insurance companies have proper documentation of all damaged items.

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Trauma Clean Up

Our technicians are certified for proper cleaning and disposal of biohazardous materials found at crime and trauma scenes. Superior Abatement Services, Inc. is also contracted with a licensed medical waste disposal company for proper transport of biohazardous waste.

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Methamphetamine Lab Clean Up

With the drug crisis sweeping the nation, the potential for drug contaminated properties is at an all time high. Following regulatory guidelines and third-party cleanup processes specific to each situation, our technicians ensure the dangerous chemicals have been cleaned up. Restoring the property to a safe inhabitable state.


Matterport is a three-dimensional camera system that we use to create realistic, fully immersive experiences for various projects.