Mold and Fungi Remediation

Mold and Fungi Remediation

Molds are various species of fungi (simple, microscopic organisms) that are present everywhere both indoors and outdoors. For molds to grow and reproduce, they need only a source of organic material for food, such as leaves, wood, paper and moisture.

While molds are needed to break down debris in the environment, mold and other fungi contamination can pose serious problems in your home or building. Mold and fungus can grow in any area where moisture is present. Molds and fungi are typically found in damp areas such as wall cavities, closed attics, unvented bathrooms, sink cabinets, and other areas where leaks and/or condensation occur. Noticeable indicators of mold or fungal growth include black spots or speckles, often along with a musty or mildewy odor. Mold is damaging to personal property, and also may affect the health of people exposed to it, especially those with asthma or allergies.

When extensive amounts of mold exist within a building, properly trained professionals should always perform the removal. Even in cases of small scale mold infestations, don’ t take any chances. Call Superior Abatement Services today for testing and inspection.

The Steps We Take

  • In depth interview with you regarding your concerns and goals for your building.
  • We refer you to a qualified mold hygienist and stay in constant contact regarding your project. Once a report is produced, we will review it with the hygienist to verify scope of work.
  • Based on the age of your building, the hygienist will verify asbestos / lead at the property.
  • Containment chambers will be set up in order not to contaminate unaffected areas
  • Clean and/or Removal of accessible mold damaged materials
  • Final inspection and testing will be performed by the hygienist to assure mold has been remediated properly.
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Mold Testing

Should I be concerned about mold in my home? – Yes, if indoor mold contamination is extensive, it may cause very high airborne spore exposures. People exposed to high spore levels may become sensitized and develop allergies to the mold or other health problems. If you suspect that you have mold contamination contact your insurance carrier today and request testing.


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