Contaminated Contents

Contents Inventory 1During floods or fires personal property inside of the home can occasionally be contaminated with hazardous material as a result of the occurrence. Often, the contents within the home are covered under the insurance policy. For example, if a ceiling containing asbestos collapses during the flood or fire Superior Abatement Services, Inc. can provide a contents inventory by taking detailed photographs and descriptions of each item affected. A mobile software preferred by most insurance providers is used to create a digital document that is easily sent to the insured as well as their insurance adjuster for review.  Superior Abatement Services, Inc. holds all proper licensing needed to perform the contaminated contents inventory including the following requirements outlined by Cal OSHA:

Must carry an asbestos endorsement for workers comp

Must carry an asbestos endorsement for liability insurance

Must have physicals for employees that wear respirators

Must have fit tests for employees that wear respirators

Must do personal exposure monitoring when in work space

Must install critical barriers during contaminated contents inventories

Workers must have asbestos certification training

*In Southern California Air Quality Management District’s (SCAQMD) jurisdictions, contents companies providing asbestos contaminated contents inventory services must register with SCAQMD and handle the contents only as a part of the Procedure 5 After the notification is submitted and approved.  The contents company will also be subject to inspection by SCAQMD.