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With over a hundred years of cumulative experience Superior Abatement Inc. sets the industry standard for the complete management and removal of hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead paint and toxic mold. We partner with most major Home Insurance Carriers in California to provide environmental hazard remediation services to those in need. We take pride in our superior services, backed by an unwavering dedication to the highest standards and the industry’s most efficient methods. SASI maintains a dedicated staff, certifications, insurance, state licenses and the state of the art technology necessary to take on abatement projects of all sizes.

SASI is committed to preserving the environment and makes every effort to reduce our ecological footprint. From a paperless account system and state of the art digital project planning platform to our eco friendly fleet of hybrid cars, trucks and vans with Eco-boost, we strive to invest in emerging fuel, vital resource and energy efficiency technologies.

CSLB (Contractors State License Board): 939505 DOSH: 981 DTSC: 6315

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About Asbestos

Asbestos materials commonly found in ceilings, walls, roofing and ducting can be hazardous to your health if disturbed and left untreated. Superior Abatement Services Inc. is dedicated to the safe removal of Asbestos materials and Hazardous waste from your property.

Asbestos was commonly used in many commercial and household building materials since the 1950’s through 1978. Due to the discovery of the adverse health effects of exposure to Asbestos materials, several laws and bans on Asbestos have been passed to improve building standards, reduce and prevent asbestos hazards. For many decades, the government, schools, property managers and home owners have used a "Manage in Place" strategy to control asbestos issues.

Most often Asbestos materials are sufficiently contained within walls or covered by sealants, however often an unexpected event like a flood, fire or just a home improvement project gone awry can expose asbestos materials to occupants and contaminate the environment.

If your property has suffered any kind of unexpected damage and you suspect an asbestos disruption, contact Superior Abatement Services Inc. Your #1 choice in Southern California.

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